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About Us


This was the 2019-2020 Washington Elementary 4th grade Green Team! This was our first year of our program. We hope that this group will continue to grow each and every year!!!

Why Join Us?

WE work to spread awareness about the importance of caring for our PLANET.  In 2020, we participated in the PepsiCo Nationwide Recycling Contest.  We came in 7th place and won $250!! We used that money to purchase seed packets for the entire school to commemorate Earth Day in 2021!!  In 2022, we took 3rd place in our video contest through PROP! We look forward continuing our student driven work to build environmental awareness and empathy within our school and hopefully beyond our school walls!

What WE collect:

Paper pick up from all classrooms that go to Paper Retriever in our parking lot.  Terracycle drop off containers in the front of our building for FREE BIC collection of markers/dry erase/highlighters, glue sticks, paint brushes/paint palettes and flexible plastic packaging.  Terracycle Entenmann's Little Bites packaging and ALL flexible snack pouches/caps.  We are also collecting old/used athletic shoes to send to "gotsneakers?" #1 plastics collection in the cafeteria along with aluminum drop off in our teacher lounge. They all go to Michael Brothers!  


*Currenty, Michael Brothers @ 901 Horning Road is collecting #1-7's.  They have a seperate bin for #1's and 2's then #3-7's!!!  These bins are located through an easy drive thru for easy drop off!



In 2023 we teamed up with Verichek, Scrap University Kids and Michael Brothers to create a one day Metal Recycling Event! WE collected nearly 2.5 tons of metal and earned over $500 for our club!

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